Sponsors & Partners of Naropa 40th Anniversary

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Kaiser Permanente As the state’s largest not-for-profit health plan, Kaiser Permanente is committed to improving the health of our members and the Colorado communities we serve. Every day since we opened our doors in Colorado in 1969, we have focused on making the lives of our 535,000+ members healthier. Because our members, employees, physicians, families, friends and neighbors cannot be healthy if they live, work and play in unhealthy communities, we are also intent on improving the health and vitality of Colorado communities.


Shambhala PublicationsRocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship combines art, science, and remembrance to address the seemingly intractable human-caused problem of nuclear contamination with wisdom and creativity. Based on the pioneering work of eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, Rocky Flats: A Call to Guardianship applies the ideas and ideals of Nuclear Guardianship at a former nuclear weapons manufacturing plant just outside of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.


Boulder Book Store Boulder Book Store is Boulder’s largest independent bookstore with 20,000 sq. feet, more than 100,000 titles, and three floors. We host more than 200 events in the store and in the community every year. Boulder Book Store has been named “Best of Boulder” by local papers every year since 1987. As a founding member of the Boulder Independent Business Alliance (one of the first of its kind in the country), David Bolduc, owner of the Boulder Book Store, has been at the forefront of the “shop local” movement for over a decade.


Windhorse Community Services Since its inception in 1990, Windhorse Community Services has offered home-based treatment and recovery options to residents of Boulder, Colorado. The Windhorse therapeutic approach was developed in 1981 by Chögyam Trungpa and Dr. Edward Podvoll. It is based on the Buddhist understanding of fundamental sanity and the inseparability of one’s entire life from one’s environment, while integrating applicable Western psychology.


Mindful Mindful is an initiative that celebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living—through Mindful magazine, mindful.org, and social media. For those who want to be mindful and those who are interested in various forms of mindfulness practice, we offer a broad range of personal stories, news-you-can-use, advice, and insights.


ORIGIN Magazine ORIGIN Magazine is the Platform for: Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism, Sustainability and Yoga. We are creating a cohesive and connected Art+Conscious Community that Collaborates + Creates, builds bridges and breaks barriers. We are a channel for transformation, connection, vision, intention and creation.


Shambhala Publications Over the more than four decades of our adventure in independent publishing, we at Shambhala Publications watched the culture change around us: what was considered countercultural back in 1969—things like Buddhism, martial arts, yoga, or alternative medicine—has now become mainstream, even commercial. We've also experienced change within: our history demonstrates just how many new subjects we've explored that none of us would even have thought of back when we started out. But each of our books, whatever its subject, is an expression of our belief that there's an enlightened way of approaching every aspect of our lives. That original vision has never changed, and though you can continue to expect surprises from us, you can also expect that original vision to continue to guide everything we do.


Colorado State Bank and TrustColorado State Bank and Trust has a history of providing banking and financial services to Coloradoans dating back to 1908. We’re proud of our heritage and pleased at our long-time role in the Colorado banking community. Over the years, economic pressures have tumbled many banks and financial institutions, yet today Colorado State Bank and Trust is strong, financially stable, well-staffed with local experts and expanding services to this market.

Our focus is on you and supporting your goals, your dreams, your vision for the future. proactive, responsive, successful partnerships.


Dharma OceanDharma Ocean is the translation of Chögyam Trungpa’s Tibetan teaching name, Chökyi Gyatso, and reflects our core mission of transmitting Trungpa Rinpoche’s living lineage in the modern context. The mission of the Dharma Ocean Foundation is to embody, unfold, and widely offer the unique path to awakening and human fulfillment taught by Trungpa Rinpoche, Reggie Ray, and his senior students, creating a living continuity of the practicing lineage in our time. Dharma Ocean’s activities aim to express the essence of this lineage, namely the (1) the fundamental goodness of the human person; (2) the sacredness of all of life and experience; and (3) the everyday practice to "never turn away."


Living Well Transitions Elevations Credit Union is one of the largest and most successful credit unions serving Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer and Adams Counties, Colorado. We were founded in 1952, with less than $100 in assets, on the steps of Macky Auditorium on the CU, Boulder campus. Over the years we have grown to over $1.3 billion in assets and we serve over 100,000 members. We have been voted "Best Financial Institution," "Best Bank" and "Best Mortgage Company" by the readers of the local newspapers. Elevations is a leader in the communities we serve and an employer that over 300 people are proud to work for.


Environmental Communications Associates For over 20 years, Environmental Communications Associates has been a pioneer in strategic planning and communications on environmental and sensitive issues. We help clients integrate the environment into their corporate policies, manufacturing procedures and their interface with the public. ECA works alongside organizations providing consulting, marketing, public awareness campaigns, media and crisis communications management and training. There is no group more experienced in handling tough issues and helping clients navigate an unpredictable landscape. Our long track record tells the story.


MatrixWorks MatrixWorks teaches all members of a group to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration and connectivity. This work has been at the forefront of introducing Living Systems Theory and cutting-edge neuroscience to Leaders, Managers and their Teams.

​ MatrixWorks serves in the fields of Education, Healthcare and Therapeutic Modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and Cranial Therapy. We are committed to creating new cultures of creativity, nourishment and innovation in relationships by using the power of small groups.​


Living Well Transitions Living Well Transitions is an innovative therapeutic approach to traditional young adult treatment programs. We provide individualized and assertive community treatment, in an independent, real-world living environment, in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Our independent living program is a unique behavioral and transitional treatment program designed specifically for young adults and their life stage needs.


MICAHMICAH (Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing) creates, supports, and develops programs and environments for the practice and study of spiritual formation and leadership, healing and the arts. As a contemplative Christian undertaking, MICAH provides a sacred space within which we seek to create a life with God.


Sounds TrueSounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company that embraces the world's major spiritual traditions, as well as the arts and humanities, embodied by the leading authors, teachers, and visionary artists of our time. Our approach to publishing is not dependent on a single format or technology—rather, we strive with every title to preserve the essential "living wisdom" of the author, artist, or spiritual teacher. It is our goal to create products that not only provide information to a reader or listener, but that also embody the essential quality of a wisdom transmission between a teacher and a student.


Boulder Shambhala Meditation CenterThe Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center is part of an international community of 165 meditation centers founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. We offer programs and classes in Shambhala and Buddhist teachings, meditation and other contemplative disciplines as well as individual meditation instruction. The Boulder Shambhala Center is home to a vibrant, diverse community of members and friends. The community provides ongoing volunteer and financial support, creating a warm, genuine basis for realizing the full potential of our authentic wisdom traditions.


CCAREStanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) investigates methods for cultivating compassion and promoting altruism within individuals and society through rigorous research, scientific collaborations, and academic conferences. In addition, CCARE provides a compassion cultivation program and teacher training as well as educational public events and programs. CCARE will co-host Compassion Week 2014 in San Francisco, November 10-16.


Buddhist GeeksThe Buddhist Geeks Conference is one of the only events on the planet where you can participate at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, and global culture. The conference brings together preeminent leaders in the fields of Buddhism, Technology, Philosophy, Education, Business, Science, Politics, and more, to explore Buddhism in the 21st century.


Hotel BoulderadoThe Hotel Boulderado has been a downtown Boulder landmark since it opened on New Year's Day, 1909. Since the beginning, it has set the standard for Colorado luxury hotels and modern convenience with our guests. The stained-glass ceiling, cherry cantilevered staircase, and original tile floor of our lobby evoke visions of Colorado's Victorian past, while breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain foothills and our downtown shops and entertainment entice you to step out and explore all of the different Boulder attractions.