Airport Transportation

A number of different buses and vans operate between Denver International Airport and Boulder. Travel from DIA to Boulder takes between 60-80 minutes, depending on weather and traffic conditions.

The Super Shuttle is a van service that delivers people directly to major Boulder hotels every hour on the hour until 11PM. A one-way fare costs $19–$25, depending on the destination. All major credit cards and cash are accepted as payment. Contact the Super Shuttle for more information at 303-444-0808.

The Sky Ride is a slower public bus that delivers passengers to the main bus terminal in downtown Boulder for $13 one way. Buses operate at 20 minutes past the hour, every hour, starting at 6:20 AM until 11:20 PM. Bus drivers accept exact fare in cash only. Contact the Regional Transportation District for more information at 303-299-6000, or visit

Once you arrive at DIA, you can visit the Super Shuttle or RTD windows in the ground transportation area of the main terminal. If you arrive too late for either of the above options, take a taxi to Boulder. Taxis charge $65–$75 for the one-hour trip from DIA, and generally accept all major credit cards and cash. Taxis operate from the West side of the Main Terminal at DIA.

Driving Directions

Denver International Airport to Naropa's Main Campus Miles
1. Start going towards the AIRPORT EXIT on PENA BLVD. 9.6
2. Take the I-70 WEST / US-36 WEST RAMP exit. 1.3
3. Merge on I-70 WEST. 4.7
4. Take the I-270 WEST / US-36 RAMP exit. 0.3
5. Merge on I-270 WEST. 5.5
6. Continue on US-36 WEST. 20.9
7. US-36 turns into 28th STREET. Stay in the left lane.  
8. Turn left on ARAPAHOE AVE. 0.5
9. Go 7 blocks to 20th STREET and take a left.  
10. Go to MARINE and turn left immediately.  
11. Enter the Naropa parking lot. There are 3 visitor spots immediately to the right.  
12. Park and come to the Admissions Office for a parking pass.  

Denver International Airport to Naropa's Paramita Campus Miles
Follow steps (1) to (6) given above for Directions to the Main Campus.  
7. Take the CO-157 NORTH Exit / FOOTHILLS PKWY. 0.4
8. Continue on CO-157 NORTH. 3.1
9. Turn left on CR-52 / VALMONT RD. 0.1
10. Continue on VALMONT RD. 0.3
11. Turn right on 30th ST. 0.4
12. Campus will be on the left, just past the light at Glenwood.