Students on Earth Day

Eco Events

Campus Sustainability Day

On Campus Sustainability Day, we look at sustainability in our personal lives and on campus. We also celebrate with live music and organic food from local farms and businesses. This is an event that touches on questions at the heart of the matter and opens up space for attendees to share and communicate their thoughts and feelings around the topic of sustainability.

Earth Day

Naropa University recognizes Earth Day as a time to celebrate the interconnectedness of all beings, a time to unite in conscious awareness of the actions we can take to live sustainably. It is also a time to extend deep gratitude for each other and the web of life on planet Earth. Check Naropa's schedule of Earth Day events held each year in mid-April.

Environmental Speakers Joanna MacySeries

The Environmental Studies Department hosts locally and nationally known speakers on a variety of interesting topics. Recent guests have included such environmentalists as Patagonia CEO and COO Rose Marcario, and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy.


Naropa cosponsors the annual Bioneers satellite event at the University of Colorado, Boulder, each October. Bioneers provides assemblies to promote connections between human health and environmental health in order to strengthen communities and lessen our environmental impact.