Zero Waste Station

Recycling & Zero Waste

Naropa University's Zero Waste goal is to mindfully support the university in being a sustainable system where resources are fully used and waste is reduced to a minimum.

Past Accomplishments

  • Establishment of the recycling and composting program
  • Development of a partnership with Eco-Cycle
  • Use of bins in classrooms
  • Implementation of a composting initiative
  • Expansion and improvement of current infrastructure
  • Naropa University housing fitted with paper and container bins and infrastructure set up in building

In the Last Year

    Students conducting campus waste audit
    Students conducting campus waste audit
  • Bathroom paper towels are being composted
  • Household battery recycling receptacles can be found on all campuses
  • The recyclying infrastructure has doubled
  • The composting system has been expanded tenfold
  • The Naropa Café is composting all food scraps
  • Weekly trash audits are conducted on all campuses to assess potential waste reduction

Future Goals

  • Zero Waste Competency Project
  • Naropa Café aiming for Zero Waste
  • Reduce landfill waste by diverting it through recycling and composting
  • Working toward a sustainable library
  • Further outreach and education on the benefits of recycling and conscious conservation