Recognizing the positive ecological, physical and economic benefits of alternative transportation, Naropa University provides all students and staff with an RTD Eco Pass, which offers free access to local and regional RTD buses. Naropa University also gives Naropa community members and visitors access to Naropa's bike fleet.

Naropa's Bike Shop

At present, Naropa has 30 bicycles that students have access to for free. Bicycles can be checked out for a week at a time and are maintained by Naropa's Bike Shop. Naropa also has an Earn-A-Bike program in which after fifteen hours of service learning, one can build and keep a bike. 

Carpooling & Permit Sharing

Naropa University community members are encouraged to share the cost of a semester permit with one or more carpool partners. This saves money and uses one parking spot: a win-win situation.

Boulder Car Share

This program offers membership to individuals who would prefer not to own their own vehicle. Members have access to a rental car for $1/hour and 50¢/mile. Naropa students and staff receive a discount on the sign-up fee through Boulder Car Share. There is currently a Honda Insight located on the Arapahoe Campus and a Saturn four-door station wagon on the Paramita Campus. Boulder Car Share members enjoy free VIP parking on the 2130 Arapahoe Campus, located just south of the Sycamore building.