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Beyond Traditional Academics

"The point is not to abandon scholarship but to ground it, to personalize it, and to balance it with the fundamentals of mind training, especially the practice of sitting meditation so that inner development and outer knowledge go hand-in-hand... A balanced education cultivates abilities beyond the verbal and conceptual to include matters of heart, character, creativity, self-knowledge, concentration, openness, and mental flexibility." —Judy Lief, trustee and former Naropa University president

At Naropa, traditional academics is one of three facets of the educational approach known as contemplative education.

It's been said that a liberal arts education teaches you to think. A contemplative liberal arts education, on the other hand, teaches you to know.

From studying the humanities, social sciences, and arts, you will develop analytic and creative skills, research strategies, and the ability to express yourself eloquently in writing and in speech.

From the study of meditation and other contemplative practices, you will develop courage, mindfulness, discipline, self-awareness, and compassion.

Through Naropa University's unique mission to educate the whole person, you not only get the full academic experience, but you'll also encounter contemplative practices that will "wake you up." When you graduate, you will not simply have a degree, but you'll also be a more wholly developed person.