Career Outcomes

"Open Sky continues to benefit from our Naropa connections and I am personally grateful for the incredible training they receive.  At this point I have four or five Naropa grads in various capacities and I really can't imagine Open Sky without their tremendous influence."—Aaron Fernandes, CEO, Open Sky, a holistic wilderness and contemplative treatment program based in Durango, Colorado.

A Naropa University education goes well beyond the college experience into real world career applications and impact. Our graduates have brought their talents, skills, and passion into all fields related to our academic disciplines and are often recognized for the heart-centered and professional commitment.

In a recent Post Graduate Outcomes Study, we reported the following specifics about our graduates:

Undergraduate Students

  • 94% of Naropa undergraduates are employed, doing volunteer work such as AmeriCorps or Peace Corps within six months of graduation.
  • 73% employed in their field of study or in graduate school.

Graduate Students

  • 90% of graduate students are employed within six months after graduation.
  • 82% engaged in work directly related to their field or further graduate studies.

Our graduates enter career paths in the health and healing arts, education, counseling and mental health, arts and communications, publishing and writing, performing and visual arts, expressive therapies, human services, environmental and natural resources, as well as business and socially conscious entrepreneurship.

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