Foundations Program
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Foundations of Authentic Leadership

This experiential 2-day workshop provides practical methods for cultivating self-awareness, inspiring and engaging others, and taking wise action with confidence and compassion. Drawing on principles and practices from contemplative traditions as well as contemporary approaches to leadership and organizational learning, we will create a powerful, collaborative learning lab.

How can we respond with authenticity, courage and skill to the leadership challenges we face in our families, communities and workplaces? Authentic leadership is a process – a journey – anchored in self-awareness and the courage to genuinely show up for the moments that matter, and effectively lead the changes you want to see in your organization, your community, and your world.

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Cultivating Four Key Aspects of Leadership

Foundations of Authentic Leadership cultivates four key aspects of leadership: Context, Presence, Engagement and Wise Action.  As a participant, the course will enable you to:


  • Identify the issues and trends that matter to you and call your authentic leadership into action
  • Understand the benefits of authentic leadership and why it is essential in these turbulent times
  • Co-create a learning “container” that integrates the key elements of authentic leadership (hospitality, inquiry and nowness)
  • Identify the “moments that matter” in your leadership practice


  • Discover the impact of your leadership presence
  • Cultivate leadership presence through mindfulness practice
  • Explore and overcome personal obstacles to your leadership presence
  • Strengthen your capacity for clarity, connection and courage through self-awareness


  • Practice deep listening as a gateway for skillful engagement with others
  • Discover how fear can be an opportunity for further confidence and connection
  • Cultivate a safe, respectful and honest workplace culture that encourages authenticity
  • Surface and appreciate differences and explore the creativity in the heat of conflict

Wise Action

  • Explore a model of change and wise action based on 5 authentic leadership archetypes
  • Understand your strengths using the 5 authentic leadership archetypes
  • Use the power of intention to bring authentic leadership into your life and work
  • Maintain the power and grace of responsibility and choice as we re-engage in our personal and professional lives

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