Theater: Contemporary Performance—Master of Fine Arts 

The Master of Fine Arts in Theater: Contemporary Performance is Naropa University's cutting-edge interdisciplinary, conservatory-style theater degree.

The Naropa Contemporary Performance MFA is the first training program of its kind in the country to link the study of contemporary physical theater, Viewpoints theory and practice, along with contemplative work. The program is rigorous and performance-heavy; you will get an extraordinary amount of performance experience as well as learn how to develop socially and politically relevant theater in the context of a strong ensemble.

Like Naropa's other performing and fine arts programs, the Contemporary Performance program breaks with tradition, allowing you to develop as an artist, individual, and activist.

Contemporary Performance MFA Degree Highlights

  • Benefit from intensive 5.5-hour daily training sessions along with weekend and evening rehearsal periods.
  • Develop and perform original creative work as part of a closely connected ensemble.
  • Complete a culminating project related to service learning, teaching, research, or production.

Duration: The Contemporary Performance MFA is a 48-credit, two-year program.

Work on the Edge Rehearsal 2014

A glimpse into Molly's rehearsal process for her thesis "Grasping Broken.” Molly and her three performers will create an environment somewhere between dream and reality; that includes sound, movement, and a story about fear. Refusing to let go, they try not to hold on too tight.

View more MFA Theater students in rehearsal for Work on the Edge performances. 

Meet MFA Theater Faculty

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Careers of Contemporary Performance Program Graduates

Naropa Contemporary Performance alumni are engaged, active artists who are helping to develop new performance work in New York, starting theater companies, teaching, opening community art spaces, as well as teaching in secondary schools and colleges and universities.

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