Student Email Policy

Naropa Student Email Policy

  • Users are required to agree to and abide by the university user policy in order to use the provided account. Failure to abide by the policy will result in appropriate disciplinary actions.
  • All departments are required to only accept email communication through your account. Any email communication through another account will be ignored.
  • Users are provided university email for as long as they are current students (including leave of absence). We also allow students to keep their email as university alumni as well. The university reserves to the right to revoke email to alumni at any time.
  • Users are expected to receive, read and respond to emails, as well as regularly access their accounts. Failure to check email does NOT relieve the responsibility for the information sent
  • Prohibited activity includes: violation of copyright law, misrepresenting yourself or another through the use of university email, attempting or accessing unauthorized accounts, sending spam, causing harm to the university network through viruses (etc.), causing/attempting to harm an individual or institution, or any violations of the Student Code of Conduct (found in the Student Handbook).
  • Users are responsible for complying with all international copyright laws.
  • Users are responsible for personal computers, software, set-up issues, and security/anti-virus protection. The university does not provide support for personal computers, software, set-up issues or security/anti-virus protection.
  • It is strongly recommended NOT to use this email to make online purchases or subscriptions (use another email account!).
  • Users are responsible to have current anti-virus software, and be able to use it.
  • Users are responsible for their own data. The university is not able to retrieve, protect or guarantee personal data (e.g. documents, spreadsheets, emails, etc).
  • Users are expected to use their email accounts for university and educational purposes. Use of the email system to run a business is prohibited.
  • Users are required to adhere to the Google Terms of Service.