Mark Gerzon: Authentic Leadership Instructor

Mark Gerzon

B.A. Harvard University

Mark Gerzon is one of the key architects of the field of global leadership and an experienced facilitator in high-conflict zones. He has advised a wide variety of organizations including the US Congress, multinational corporations, and UNDP. The author of numerous books, including Leading Through Conflict and Global Citizens, he is currently serving as UN advisor on leadership in conflict-torn countries in Africa and Asia.

As President of Mediators Foundation, which he founded over twenty years ago, Mark is working closely with several projects that also advance the field of global citizenship. He founded the Conflict Transformation Collaborative, a network of peace-builders from around the world. He is currently designing an interactive, awareness-raising workshop 'The Global Citizen Journey' based on his most recent book.


Arwana Hayashi: Authentic Leadership InstructorArwana Hayashi

Arawana brings her extensive background in the performing arts and in contemplative practice into leadership training in the arena of organizational and social change. Ms. Hayashi is a dancer, choreographer, and movement teacher with roots in Asian and Western arts. She is a co-founder of the Presencing Institute where she teaches the Presencing Foundation course with Otto Scharmer and Beth Jandernoa and is developing Social Presencing Theater. Since 2000 she has been on the Creative Process faculty of ALIA's Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has presented programs with Peter Senge, Peter Block, Bill Joiner, Julio Olalla, Mark Gerzon and Michael Jones. Arawana's workshop in creative process, The Art of Making a True Move, has been presented in educational institutions, meditation centers, and organizational settings in the U.S. and Canada. She is an Acharya (senior teacher) in the Shambhala Tradition and teaches courses on Buddhism, Shambhala Art and Shambhala Training, a secular meditation program for developing the human potential for awakened confidence.


Barbara Lawton: Authentic Leadership FacultyBarbara Lawton

M.A. Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. University of Wyoming

Barbara Lawton is an educator, executive business coach and international speaker on the subject of leadership. Her 25 years of professional practice has centered on increasing organizational performance and, most recently, enhancing the leadership capabilities of technical professionals.

She is the last student of W. Edwards Deming and the first person to hold the prestigious Deming Professorship at the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB). Most recently, Dr. Lawton was the Lockheed Martin Professor of Management and Program Director for the Engineering Management Program, a graduate program at UCB providing management education for engineers and scientists.

Her corporate experience includes Vice President for Business & Quality Processes at Storage Technology Corporation, a $2.4B provider of electronic storage solutions; and Global Director of Quality for Albany International, where she designed and facilitated the adoption of Quality Management in 37 plants in 13 countries.

Jim Mardsen: Authentic Leadership InstructorJim Marsden

Jim is passionate about the wilderness and guides wilderness experiences that help deepen individual awareness, bring forth authentic expression, and strengthen relationships with nature. Many of these programs support personal transformation and build upon practices found among many indigenous cultures throughout the world. Jim is also a core member of the Presencing Institute and leads capacity building workshops in the application of Theory U, a framework for social innovation. His work with Theory U has benefited clients in corporate environments, including Hewlett Packard, nonprofit and government organizations. His academic credentials include an MA in Organizational Management from the Fielding Graduate University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Physics from Kalamazoo College. He is an alumnus of the London Business School's Accelerated Development Program for business management and has completed extensive field and course work in dialogue, design and innovation. 


Susan Skjei: Authentic Leadership InstructorSusan Skjei, Ph.D., PCC
Program Director

Susan is an educator, executive coach and consultant specializing in leadership, mindfulness, and transformative change. Drawing on the disciplines of neuroscience, Buddhism, complexity science, organizational learning and leadership, Susan's work offers skillful methods and practices that help leaders cultivate self-awareness and creativity, strengthen their relationships, and effectively lead the changes they want to see in their organizations and in the world. Formerly a Vice-President of Learning and Development for a large technology company, she directs the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University and is a co-founder of the Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Institute in Canada. Susan is an Acharya (senior teacher) in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and consults internationally through her company SaneSystems.


Bob Wing: Authentic Leadership InstructorBob Wing

Bob is director of Wise Actions™, an organization dedicated to cultivating compassionate and transformative actions in the world. He is founder of Warrior of the Heart® seminars and retreats, designed to teach individuals and groups to live and work wisely and courageously via skillful leadership, and is currently associated with Authentic Leadership Trainings both in Boulder and Halifax. He presents seminars in the Art of Hosting™ and the Art of Social Innovation™, and is actively helping to organize these co-operative work communities. Bob was founder of the Aikido program at Naropa University, as well as having been an Adjunct Faculty member in the Contemplative Psychology Department. He is a respected sculptor/painter, and is trained extensively in Trager Psycho-Physical Integration. He currently leads workshops and trainings worldwide, dedicated to learning through experiential education.