When I decided to take this class, my ideas of what I would be working on were relatively simple: figuring out how to do a class on-line, meeting new people, leadership — and being open to new experiences. I proposed a project for our family company, thinking that was where the change was really needed and after that change had occurred, I would then be able to make other personal changes. What actually happened was that I became my own learning project. With an increasing awareness that came from the teachings, coaching, meditation, camaraderie and divine timing, I looked at my life and myself with a new depth and clarity. I saw that, in fact, I was the one who really needed the work and was being worked on. How could it have been any other way?

- Melody S. Conway, Vice President, Wm & Assoc. Investment Co.

As I talked with my coach and wrote in my journal throughout the program, it eventually became clear to me that my purpose in life really is to be a leader. It is a kind of leadership that operates from a set of beliefs in human goodness, ethics, connecting, resolving conflicts, and learning. No matter what I do, even when I try not to be a leader, this sense of purpose plays through me and impacts my approach to life. I can't even explain how powerful an experience it has been for me to name it and stand in it.

- Phil Cass, CEO-Columbus Medical Association and Foundation