Joining Head, Heart & Hands: The Power of Authentic Leadership

By Susan Skjei, program director
July 1, 2014

One of the things I love most about living in Colorado is the opportunity to go to the "high country" in the summer. The days are usually hot, with occasional rain showers in the afternoons, wildflowers are in bloom, and mountain trails beckon.

This weekend, I will be going to Aspen to the Wanderlust Festival. Wanderlust is a four-day adventure of yoga, music, nature, and food, that celebrates mindful living and community. I will be giving a talk in their Speakeasy Series called "Joining Head, Heart & Hands: The Power of Authentic Leadership."

Authentic leadership is not based on a role, position, or title. This powerful approach to leadership is accessible to anyone who has the courage to show up, tell the truth, and take action. In my talk, I will discuss leadership practices that foster self-awareness, compassion, and confidence in challenging times, and how, by joining head, heart, and hands, authentic leaders can contribute directly to organizational results.

Jerry Colonna, executive coach and entrepreneur, and Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen teacher, author, and facilitator, will also give talks and will offer their perspectives on how to bring authenticity, fierceness, and skill to the challenges of leadership. We will be sponsored by Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, a leader in contemplative and transformative learning.