Graduate Academics

"Naropa gives you the opportunity to study yourself in conjunction with studying the world, so you walk into it not being a stranger to yourself."

~Arron Mansika, MA Environmental Leadership, C'04; Founder and co-owner, Boulder's Best Organics, and Director, Naturally Boulder

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Naropa University is a Buddhist-inspired liberal arts university that blends the best of Eastern and Western educational traditions in master's degree programs that stretch every part of your being.

Naropa balances rigorous academics with contemplative practice, community engagement, and experiential learning so you are equipped with both the theoretical underpinnings of your discipline as well as with the wisdom and skills to apply them.

Naropa is currently enrolling for master's programs. Find one that fits your dreams, and start your journey now.


Naropa offers master's degrees in:


Education & Leadership

Contemplative Education
(low residency) Create compassionate, successful learning communities and effect meaningful educational reform in the classroom and beyond

Environmental Leadership
Creatively and compassionately lead the transformation toward an environmentally just and sustainable future



Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology
Integrate therapeutic insights and methodologies of the East and West with your own quest for self-knowledge to create a compassionate clinical practice

(low residency) Deepen your understanding of human-nature relationships through the integration of psychology and ecology


Somatic Counseling Concentrations:

Dance/Movement Therapy
Study the body, movement, and sensorimotor tracking to stimulate body-based awareness and heal the body, mind and spirit as an energetic whole

Body Psychotherapy
Explore the healing nature of the creative act, using movement to further the emotional, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual


Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Concentrations:

Counseling Psychology
Explore counseling from a humanistic, transpersonal perspective while developing a therapeutic approach aligned with your interests, abilities, and talents

Art Therapy
Utilize the creative process to transform and heal body, mind, and emotional connections

Wilderness Therapy
Explore the value of ecology, nature, and the outdoors as psychological counseling aids and become empowered to work in both wilderness and traditional clinical settings


Master of Divinity
Explore Buddhist teachings and contemplative practice while taking an interfaith approach to pastoral practice

Religious Studies
Study and experience the mystical traditions of the world's vast diversity of religious expression

Religious Studies with Language
Explore the world's diverse religious traditions while studying Sanskrit and/or Tibetan language



Theater: Contemporary Performance
Develop as an artist, individual, and activist, creating socially and politically relevant theater in the context of a strong ensemble

Creative Writing and Poetics
Experiment with innovative prose, poetry, and cross-genre composition while also exploring publishing, letterpress printing, pedagogy, and contemplative practice

Creative Writing
(low residency) Please note, this program will not be accepting students until fall 2015


"At Naropa you are studying with people who are world-renowned experts on the world's great faiths and their practices. There is no other place where you can get an education like it." — Marcus Perlman, MA (Religious Studies with Language, 2007); Director of Research, Tsadra Foundation, a nonprofit funding organization promoting Tibetan Buddhist scholarship and practice in the West.

You'll find that graduate students are attracted to Naropa not only because of our spectacular setting at the base of Boulder's foothills, but also because they want to work closely with faculty members, many of whom are internationally recognized scholars and authors, who will help prepare them to create careers—and lives—that are personally fulfilling and humane.

"There's an old saying that the happiest people are those who make their passion their life's work. My master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa allowed me to create a dream career for myself by building upon my existing skills and experience." — Margaret Emerson, MA (Ecopsychology, 2009); author, "Contemplative Hiking: Along the Colorado Front Range;" freelance writer, graphic artist and leader of contemplative nature experiences

What do Naropa graduate alumni do? Naropa master's degree graduates create eclectic, meaningful careers. Our alums are social entrepreneurs, professors, psychologists, writers, dancers, hospice caregivers, sustainable farmers, post docs, nonprofit executive directors — engaged professionals who are transforming the world and making it a far more interesting place.