Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements, the following is required to apply for fall 2016 admittance to the MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy program:

Prerequisite Coursework

  • Psychology Prerequisites (12 semester credit hours)
    • One 3 semester credit course in Abnormal Psychology
    • One 3 semester credit course in Developmental Psychology
    • Two 3 semester credit courses in psychology electives (example courses:  Introduction to Psychology/General Psychology, Theories of Personality)
  • Studio Art Prerequisites (18 semester-credit hours)
    • One 3 semester credit art studio course in Drawing
    • One 3 semester credit art studio course in Painting
    • One 3 semester credit art studio course in a 3D medium (Sculpture or Ceramics)
    • Three 3 semester credit courses in studio art electives

Naropa University requires an earned grade of "C" or higher for all prerequisite coursework. Due to the competitive nature and academic rigor of the MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy program, a grade of "B" or above is recommended. All prerequisites are to be completed at accredited academic institutions for credit (not pass/fail or audited). All courses are subject to approval and may require additional documentation such as a syllabus or course description. 

Applicants must submit an official transcript showing proof of completion of the prerequisite coursework by August 1, 2016. To ensure that transcripts of prerequisite coursework arrive to the Office of Admissions by August 1, 2016, we strongly recommend that all prerequisites are completed no later than July 1, 2016. 

Visual Art Portfolio

Applicants are required to submit a well-rounded portfolio of 20 different pieces of original art. Your portfolio must include both 2D and 3D work as well as any other areas of specialization. The portfolio needs to demonstrate two primary skill sets:

  • Knowledge of a wide range of art materials and processes.
  • Depth of work as an artist, showing maturity with form and content within a theme.

The portfolio needs to be accompanied by a portfolio summary that lists the following for each piece:

  • Title
  • Brief descriptive comment
  • Media used
  • Dimensions
  • Date completed

Portfolios should only be uploaded in the following file formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, PowerPoint or Word.

Statement of Interest

In a three-to-four page typed, double-spaced, 12 point font essay, please respond to the following three questions. Refer to Introduction to Art Therapy:  Sources and Resources (J.A. Rubin, 2009) and Psychotherapy and Spirit:  Theory and Practice in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (B. Cortright, 1997) when writing your essay. When pulling information from either book, paraphrase the author rather than lifting direct quotes.

  1. Define and clarify your understanding of:

    - Art Therapy
    - Transpersonal Psychology
    - Contemplative Practice

    Note: if invited to an on-campus interview, you will be asked to summarize these three points.
  2. First describe your personal relationship to art as a transformative process. Then choose one piece from your portfolio and consider how it reveals healing and transpersonal themes.
  3. In your conclusion, discuss why you are interested in attending the MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy program at Naropa University.

Minimum GPA Requirement

Applicants must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of a 2.9 or higher. Applicants with a cumulative GPA lower than 2.9 must submit Miller Analogies Test (MAT) results taken within the last calendar year. Note that the MAT is only required for these applicants, and is optional for all others.

Admissions Interview

Due to number of applications received each year, it may not be possible to schedule an interview for every candidate. The Office of Admissions will assess a candidate's completed application to determine if the candidate will move forward in the process and be invited to an interview. On-campus interviews are a required part of the admissions process; you will be asked to indicate your preference of interview date within the application. Please note that this is a preference and not a guarantee that you will receive an interview invitation or that your interview will occur on the selected date.

2016 Interview Dates:

  • Saturday, February 13, 2016
  • Saturday, February 20, 2016