Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology Concentration

"Not only is Naropa providing great professional development and opportunities to succeed in the workplace, but I also credit the amount of attention that is devoted to working with each individual's inner process. I think that when we truly look within ourselves that we often find the best ways of serving others as well."
Alexander Bailey
Naropa student

In the Counseling Psychology concentration students learn to develop awareness through mindfulness-based practice and a deeper understanding of the human journey as “beyond the personal.”  The field of transpersonal studies appreciates spiritual growth as a critical component of human development and honors the many diverse paths and cultural forms for developing wisdom and compassion.  

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Students are exposed to ancient and modern approaches to healing modalities that include the study and practice of meditation, mindfulness and Gestalt awareness. These approaches are combined with studies in traditional, humanistic and cutting edge counseling methods where students are challenged to practice skills in a supportive learning environment.  Interpersonal learning and skill development in the classroom contributes to personal and professional development culminating in service to the greater community through the internship experience..

Developing Your Personal and Professional Identity

You will be encouraged to develop a therapeutic approach that matches your interests, abilities, and talents, since learning to "know thyself" is a key tenet of the field of transpersonal psychology. You will be encouraged to listen within to discover the unique gift you possess and can offer others. Feedback from faculty and peers in the program enhances the growth and personal discovery that you will experience throughout the program. You will be supported and challenged in this process by faculty that provides diverse points of view.

A Diverse and Intimate Learning Environment

A selective admissions process admits up to forty-eight students into the Counseling Psychology concentration each year. Students weave in and out of classes with each other, as well as with individuals from the Art Therapy and Wilderness Therapy concentrations. This mix assures contact and interaction with a diverse array of students, and provides a healthy environment for developing friendship and collegiality.

Each semester of study also involves concentrated learning experiences with small groups. These classes, of no more than ten to twelve students, provide yearlong experiences of working intimately with peers.

Elective Offerings and Specialized Studies

The Counseling Psychology concentration offers you a broad range of electives to meet a variety of interests in counseling and transpersonal studies. Emphases in several areas allow you to go in-depth within one area of study, or select from a diverse array to complement your required studies.

The faculty members who teach these courses are practitioners and specialists in their areas. Course work is designed to enhance your personal and professional awareness and knowledge. Available electives include:

  • Ecopsychology
  • Couples and family therapy
  • Child and adolescent therapy
  • Addictions and Jungian psychology
  • Meditation retreats

(Note: Offerings of electives subject to change. Please speak with an Admissions representative for availability of specific electives).

Flexible Scheduling Plan

We realize that pursuing an advanced degree while juggling work, families, and other issues can be a big concern. To give you the most options for continuing your education, the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program has expanded its Counseling Psychology course offerings. Schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor now to learn more.

Upon completion of the three-year degree program, graduates will receive an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Counseling Psychology.

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