Wilderness Therapy // Photos: Katy Rose, MA, RCC

Wilderness Therapy Concentration

"It has always been a dream of mine to serve people through the vehicle of wilderness experience, and Naropa's WT program had everything I was looking for. The time was right to take this opportunity, and I jumped on it."
Alexander Bailey
Wilderness Therapy student
“An individual’s harmony with his or her ‘own deep self’ requires not merely a journey to the interior but a harmonizing with the environmental world.”—James Hillman

The Wilderness Therapy degree concentration combines psychological counseling skills with disciplines such as adventure therapy, equine-assisted therapy, ecopsychology and wilderness skills training. Including clinical course work, the concentration educates future professionals who value ecology, nature and the outdoors as psychological counseling aids.


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During training expeditions that may include rock climbing, horsemanship and horticulture—as well as exploration of canyons, rivers and mountains—Wilderness Therapy students will apply counseling strategies to the group dynamics that arise.

In addition to its outdoor component, the Wilderness Therapy concentration integrates clinical and theoretical course work in counseling psychology with contemplative practice. This unique combination recognizes the human experience as part of an interconnected web of life and necessarily accommodates a diversity of personal experience and interests. A valued part of Naropa’s Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department, the Wilderness Therapy concentration prepares students to become professional counselors with the skills and knowledge needed to work in wilderness settings as well as in traditional clinical settings.

Upon completion of the three-year degree program, graduates will receive an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Wilderness Therapy.