Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements, the following is required to apply for Fall 2015 admittance to the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Wilderness Therapy master's degree program:

Prerequisite Requirements

Naropa University requires an earned grade of "C" or higher for all prerequisite coursework. Due to the competitive nature and academic rigor of the MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Wilderness Therapy program, a grade of "B" or above is recommended. All prerequisites are to be completed at accredited on-site or online academic institutions for credit (not pass/fail or audited). Official transcripts of this coursework must be sent to the Office of Admissions by July 1st, 2015, and all courses are subject to approval and may require additional documentation such as a syllabus or course description. Please fill out the appropriate title and institution for each course listed below.

  1. One required 3 semester credit course in Abnormal Psychology: (Ex: Psychopathology, Abnormal Behavior or psychology)
  2. One required 3 semester credit course in Developmental Psychology: (Ex: Life Span Development, Child Development, Child Psychology)
  3. One required 3 semester credit course in Theories of Personality: (Ex. History & Systems of Psychology, Intro to Personality, Methods of Psychotherapy)

Wilderness Experience

A wilderness experience of ten consecutive days in the backcountry is a prerequisite for this program. This prerequisite may be completed with an organized outfitting company or as a personal trip. Please describe the details of your trip, including the dates, outfitting company (if applicable) and specific plans for completing this prerequisite prior to the start of the program. If you are developing a plan, please consult with the Wilderness Therapy admissions counselor before submitting the plan to us. The trip criteria includes: ten days under the stars (no huts, cabins, or hostels); travel by personal means (no motorized cars/boats, horses, etc) and all necessary gear for food and equipment carried on your person (no car camping or use of sherpas).

The ability to carry a 40 lbs. pack off-trail for 10 miles in a day.

Before participating in the first course, you will be required to fill out a medical form, used to verify that you do not have any medical (physical/psychological) issues that might put you at risk in the backcountry.

If there is any medical conditional that may put you at risk in the backcountry setting, you may be prohibited from proceeding in the program.

To view a sample medical form (PDF) click here.

Wilderness Skills

It is a requirement of the program that you have experience in wilderness travel, campcraft, leave-no-trace camping and first aid, we recommend that students have developed one or more outdoor skills in addition to backpacking. It is also required that you are in adequate psychical condition to participate in the field activities of the program. These include the following: the ability to carry a 40lb pack off trail for up to ten miles a day; intermediate-level swimmer; ability and willingness to participate in rock climbing, horseback riding, and gardening.

Required Skills

  • Wilderness leave-no-trace camping
  • Campcraft
  • Wilderness travel (hiking/backpacking)
  • Swimming

Recommended Skills (One or more of the following)

  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Horseback riding
  • Horticulture/gardening
  • First aid


Due to number of applications received each year, it may not be possible to schedule an interview for every candidate. The Office of Admissions will assess a candidate's completed application to determine if the candidate will move forward in the process and be invited to an interview. On-campus interviews are a required part of the admissions process. The interview dates this year are:

2016 interview dates to be announced.