MA Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology Discussion

Naropa's Graduate School of Counseling & Psychology offers personally transformative and rigorous programs that are engaging, embodied, and steeped in contemplative practices. The goal of each discipline area is to develop fully compassionate and insightful professionals. You'll be supported during your course of study to cultivate full engagement with yourself and others, with real world practice in clinical internships and community-based projects. Our Graduate School programs include:

  • Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology – Merging in-depth training in cultivating mindfulness and compassion, you'll learn how to bring these qualities into your therapeutic work with clients.
  • Somatic Counseling – Focusing on the body's role in transforming behavior, the Dance/Movement Therapy and the Body Psychotherapy concentrations integrate bodywork, movement, somatic education principles with counseling skills.
  • Transpersonal Counseling Psychology – Reconnecting the spiritual and transpersonal dimensions of human experience with traditional theoretical perspectives, you can choose between Art Therapy, Counseling Psychology, or Wilderness Therapy.
  • Licensure – Graduates of our program are able to inform licensing boards and potential employers that they graduated from a regionally accredited program. Please note that this does not apply to MA Transpersonal Psychology with a Concentration in Ecopsychology.

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