Contemplative Counseling Psychology

Contemplative Counseling Psychology // Master of Arts

Do you desire to help others in a clinical psychology setting? Do you want to be fully present with your clients?

The Contemplative Counseling Psychology master's degree at Naropa University is designed for future psychotherapists who are interested in combining the therapeutic insights and methodologies of the East and West with their own quest for self-knowledge.

Through meditation classes, retreats, and individual instruction, this three-year intensive program will help you understand the personal wisdom or "brilliant sanity" we all carry inside. This provides your undergirding as you study Buddhist and Humanistic approaches to psychology and begin your clinical internship.

Because of the deep personal and clinical training offered at Naropa, graduates go on to become deeply compassionate counselors working to help others access their fundamental goodness and natural wisdom.

Contemplative Counseling Psychology Master's Degree Highlights

  • Participate as a cohort in Maitri meditation retreats in the Colorado mountains.
  • Become part of a closely connected student community that will help you refine your interpersonal skills and more fully understand yourself.
  • Take Buddhist Psychology classes each semester and work with an individual meditation instructor.
  • Take part in weekly Clinical Tutorial Groups during your internship year with two other students and two clinical faculty. A specially designed meditation practice helps you and your colleagues develop the ability to "be present in relationship."
  • Complete a 700-hour clinical internship.

Duration:The Contemplative Counseling Psychology program is a full-time, three-year cohort program

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