Submission Guidelines

January 1, 2014 through August 15, 2014

BOMBAY GIN 41: The Walls of the City Shake

When the mode of the music changes,
the walls of the city shake. –Plato

Named after the Summer Writing Program's Performance Week (2014), we seek work that permeates boundaries, that "shakes walls" with voice, with transgression, with activism, with nuance. We want the sidewalks to crack and the blossoms to split through to the surface. We want to make the status quo cringe and squawk.

Consider that we live in a moment of continuous flux, constantly under construction and in progress, an amalgamation of histories and futures meeting in a metropolis of being; perhaps this is the being you find yourself existing in, right now. One might call this a city.

Cities are constantly becoming the city they will someday be, perpetually re-imagined; the city shakes with sunlight each morning, unfinished. What is it that shakes the boundaries, the borderlands, the lines and angles of your city? Is it a constant hum of robots or insects; does your city sleep? Does it mutate?

Where are you now? Are the architectural or bodily structures of your city reverberating with the histories and reveries of your durational / temporal / phenomenological existence? How has the mode of the music shifted around you? Do the lights flicker, or blur?

Send us your field notes, your guides, your manuals. Send us your resonant flashes that hold what trembles, what revolts. Send us a map of what vibrates. What reverberates. What reforms. Send us your artwork, book reviews, prose, poetry, cross-genre, and cross-disciplinary investigations. We are ready to shake as you shake.

The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics' literary journal, Bombay Gin: Issue 41, will include a commemorative folio on Amiri Baraka. We invite you to submit letters, remembrances, essays, poetry, and prose inspired by Amiri.

Submission deadline: August 15th, 2014

In general, we welcome manuscripts of prose, poetry, and cross-genre work. Poetry submissions should be comprised of 3-5 poems; prose and cross-genre manuscripts should generally consist of no more than 15 pages. Please include a 100 word bio, email and mailing address with your submission. We do not accept emailed or mailed submissions. Please submit via our Submittable page:

Please support the journal in which you want your work published. Bombay Gin can be purchased through SMALL PRESS DISTRIBUTION, on our website, or by sending a check for $12.00, made out to BOMBAY GIN. Thank you for your interest in our magazine.