Something on Paper

Something on Paper Issue #1 Cover Art
Cover art: frequency spectrum by Sue Hammond West
In celebration of the Jack Kerouac School's 40th anniversary, we are launching Something on Paper, an online literary/multimedia poetics journal. The inaugural issue features lectures by Lyn Hejinian and Joan Retallack, interviews with Alice Notley and Peter Jaeger, a tribute commemorating John Cage's 100th birthday with Barbara Dilley, a pedagogy article by Joe Amato & Kass Fleisher, a roundtable discussion on Violence & Community, as well as cover art by Sue Hammond West. And much more!



Call for Work

We encourage colleagues and writerly friends to submit their work to SOP issue #2. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2014. This issue will feature critical work that engages the various facets of mapping. Consider mapping the environment, the body, language, cultural landscapes, psychogeography, deterritorialized spaces, or borders. How do we delineate unmappable registers? Is the form limiting, too static? How might the map produce a kind of failure—unable to chart the layers of cities, texts, or speech? Or complexity: with the strata transparent and visible. If the map is not the territory, then what is it? Address the liminal space between representation and the "site." Send us your pedagogical detail, your poetics depiction, your theoretical trace.