Department Vision

Typically, when you choose a major, you immerse yourself in a specific discipline with a particular focus of study along with its corresponding theories, modes, and methodologies. The vision of the Interdisciplinary Studies major is to expand the focus to include more disciplines so you’ll be better prepared to meet the growing complexity of the world.

Interdisciplinary Studies will allow you to skillfully combine elements from various disciplines. Along with your chosen fields of study, you will engage in contemplative practice, diversity awareness, and civic engagement.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Gateway Seminar provides a survey of the history of disciplines and how they constitute major and minor degree programs as they are constituted at Naropa. With this background, you’ll work with an advisor, the Gateway Seminar instructor, and two mentors to design a unique focus of study within two or three disciplines. These meetings will culminate in the creation of your Learning Agreement, a definition of your personal interdisciplinary study program. This approach ensures that you’ll bring an informed, interdisciplinary, and committed perspective to designing your fields of study.