Michelle Naka Pierce, Associate Professor, Naropa Writing Center
BA, University of New Mexico
MA, University of New Mexico, with distinction
MFA, Naropa University

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Michelle Naka Pierce is the author of Beloved Integer (2007) and co-author of TRI/VIA (2003). Her work has been anthologized in For the Time Being: The Bootstrap Book of Poetic Journals and Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry . Former director of the Naropa Writing Center (2000-2007), she has taught at Bard College, University of New Mexico, and Naropa University, where her focus includes avant-garde poetry, hybrid writing, and gender/women's studies. Excerpts from her manuscript She, A Blueprint for InterSurface , with art by Sue Hammond West, have been published in American Letters & Commentary , Trickhouse , Mandorla , Upstairs at Duroc (France), and elsewhere. Michelle spent her recent sabbatical living in London and writing her new manuscript, tentatively titled Continuous Frieze Bordering Red . While abroad, she was invited to read at Openned (London) and at the Ivy Writers series (Paris). She is excited to be a part of INTD and teach in GWS, exploring feminist pedagogies and practices.