Department Vision

The Traditional Eastern Arts program emphasizes the transmission of traditional body/mind awareness practices. These practices have been handed down from generation to generation in a variety of cultural contexts. In some cases, they’ve been practiced since ancient times.

Traditional Eastern Arts courses will teach you the development and use of internal energy through discipline and practice. At the same time, the program will provide you the space and training for the integration of your body, mind, and spirit. Through a foundation of sitting meditation practice, you’ll develop shamatha (peace) and vipashana (insight). You’ll begin to develop maitri (gentleness) toward yourself and others. Eventually you’ll grow to honor life and its traditions in the context of sacred world.

Through two years of intensive practice in one of three core disciplines—T'ai-chi Ch'uan, Aikido, or Yoga—you’ll discover how to bring the essence of that discipline into alignment with the other areas of your life, such as livelihood, health, and creative expression. At the same time, you’ll study the philosophy, history, and cultural context of your core discipline.