T’ai-chi Ch’uan Concentration

BA in Traditional Eastern Arts–T'ai-chi Chuan Concentration

"Whoever practices t'ai-chi ch'uan, correctly and regularly, twice a day over a period of time will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumberjack, and the peace of mind of a sage."
 —Grand Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing

T'ai-chi Ch'uan is translated as "the supreme ultimate system of self-defense." It is a moving meditation, an ancient Chinese exercise consisting of slow, relaxed movements. For the body, it is an exercise. For the mind, it is a study in concentration and will power, as well as a profound preventative and curative system of Chinese medicine.

The exercise consists of thirty-seven movements that are performed in slow, continuous sequence. They emphasize complete relaxation, accuracy of motion, and natural breathing. As the body is given a chance to relax within action, one experiences that life can be lived and all work accomplished with less effort. The concept of ch'i, the intrinsic energy that animates all living phenomena, plays a central role in the training. Tension interferes with the flow of ch'i in our bodies, and the purpose of T'ai-chi Ch'uan is to restore the normal flow of ch'i by dissolving this tension. The short form, yang style of Grand Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing, is taught.

BA in Traditional Eastern Arts: T'ai-chi Ch'uan Concentration Requirements