Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies // Bachelor of Arts

Environmental Studies at Naropa University integrates a deep understanding of the living world through the study of science, systems, sacred ecology, historic and contemporary environmental movements, diverse perspectives and wisdom, contemplation, as well as engaging in hands on, community-based work.  We believe that through critical examination and understanding, engaging in deep relationships, and developing appropriate skills, humans can learn how to respond to the ecological crisis and return to harmonious, balanced, sustainable relationships within the living world at large.

Environmental Studies Bachelor’s Degree Highlights

  • Intellectual mastery through the academic study of natural science and sustainability principles
  • Intuitive insight through contemplative, nature-based practices and experiential learning
  • Inquiry into the individual, cultural, and sacred dimensions of the human-nature relationship
  • Community-based research or thesis as Senior Project 
  • Internship opportunities with community organizations

Minor: Naropa offers the option of obtaining a minor in Ecology and Systems Science, Environmental History and Justice, Sustainability, Permaculture, or Sacred Ecology.

Duration: The Environmental Studies degree program is 36-credit major that incorporates multiculturalism, diverse world views, and environmental justice issues.

Meet Environmental Studies Faculty.

Careers of Environmental Studies Program Graduates

Graduates of Naropa University’s Environmental Studies Program can be found in careers across numerous sectors including the following:

  • Government and non profit agencies
  • Education
  • Business administration and organizational leadership
  • Holistic health 
  • Organic farming
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Writing and editing

Related Naropa Facilities and Initiatives

Naropa University leads the way in campus sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The William D. Jones Community Greenhouse on Naropa University’s Arapahoe Campus enhances learning opportunities in horticulture, permaculture, ecological system sciences, and environmental philosophies such as deep ecology. It provides plants for campus landscaping, vegetables for the Naropa Café, and seedlings for the Boulder community. As a tangible manifestation of Naropa University’s environmental commitment, the greenhouse inspires a community-wide healthy relationship with nature.