Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies // Bachelor of Arts

The Interdisciplinary Studies bachelor's degree allows you to customize your degree by combining two or three disciplines offered at Naropa into one synergistic program.

Interdisciplinary Studies offers a compelling and challenging intellectual journey to those of you interested in traversing the boundaries of your interests to find the places where they intersect.

Because you will learn to navigate two or more disciplinary perspectives, you will graduate especially prepared to meet the complex challenges of a diverse but interconnected world.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree Highlights

  • Design your own Learning Agreement in cooperation with your professor in the Gateway Seminar, a class that will introduce you to the history of disciplines and how they are organized at Naropa.
  • Choose one or two mentors who will help guide and advise your studies throughout your education.
  • Acquire critical thinking and research skills in the Advanced INTD Research Seminar.
  • Complete an interdisciplinary thesis and portfolio of your work.

Minor: Naropa offers the option of obtaining an interdisciplinary minor in Gender and Women's Studies.

Duration: The Interdisciplinary Studies degree program is 60-credit major combining the study of two-to-three disciplines and select interdisciplinary studies courses.

Examples of Interdisciplinary degrees: Students have chosen to combine numerous disciplines at Naropa, including Environmental Studies, Peace Studies, and Contemplative Psychology; Writing and Poetics, Religious Studies, and Gender/Women's Studies; Peace Studies, Religious Studies, and Environmental Studies.

Meet Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

Careers of Interdisciplinary Studies Program Graduates

  • Small film producer for Asia Network, Boulder, CO
  • COMA graduate student in Art History, University of Beijing, Beijing, China
  • Celtic shamanic counselor, Ireland
  • Founder of Personal Life Media, Boulder, CO
  • English teacher and editor of an English-language newspaper, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Emergency medical technician, Summit Medical Center, Frisco, CO
  • Specialist in disabilities education, New York Public Schools, New York, NY