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Find more information about the BA Music program at NaropaThe Bachelor of Arts degree in Music at Naropa University is an incredibly flexible program that allows you to make the music that speaks to your soul. Combining ear training, music theory, music history, jazz, world music, performance, and creativity, the Music major at Naropa will help you develop into the musician you want to be as well as become a "voice" for the greater good.

Extremely creative and multicultural, the Naropa Music major emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration with the other performing arts, world music, improvisation, composition, and using technology in innovative ways. Our goal is to help you become not only more musically adept but more deeply human as well.

Music Bachelor's Degree Highlights

  • Participate in rotating performance ensembles that include a Balinese Gamelan Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, African Marimba Ensemble, drumming ensembles, Indian Classical Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble.
  • Take part in three "passage" conversations during your Naropa career with chosen Music faculty and other Music community members about your academic, musical and creative progress.
  • Attend the regular theater, dance and other performances that make Naropa such a vibrant, enlivening place to study.
  • Complete a senior project—a performance, recording, or other project—that reflects your personal, technical, and creative growth at Naropa.

Minor: Naropa offers the option of obtaining a Music minor.

Duration: The Music degree program is 36-credit major offered in the context of Naropa's contemplative liberal arts core curriculum.

Meet Music Faculty

Careers of Music Program Graduates

Naropa's Music graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in performance and ethnomusicology. Our students have become songwriters, studio musicians, performers, recording engineers, ethnomusicologists, composers, concert promoters, teachers, and private music instructors.

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