Performance // Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Performance Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Naropa University is an interdisciplinary performance program that allows you to explore and become fluent in the major performance techniques of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. And in your own artistic process.

Combining the intensive study of avant-garde dance, acting, and vocal work, Naropa's ensemble-based, performing arts program will develop your intuitive, intellectual, and artistic abilities, and your understanding of what it's like to be a working performing artist.

Ours is a think-outside-the-black-box-theatre Performance degree. Offered in the context of our contemplative liberal arts curriculum—an educational model which will help you come to know yourself at a very deep level—the Performance program at Naropa will expand your vision of yourself and what it's like to give of that self as an artist in today's society.

Performance Bachelor's Degree Highlights

  • Become part of close ensemble cohort where you can experiment and take artistic risks among peer artists whom you trust.
  • Develop and mount original ensemble productions during each year of your Naropa training.
  • Take part in performances produced by graduate students in Naropa's Contemporary Performance program.
  • Complete a final performance project under the guidance of faculty mentors.

Minor: Naropa offers the option of obtaining a minor in Performance.

Duration: The Performance degree is an intense, conservatory-like program of 120 hours, which includes Naropa's contemplative liberal arts core curriculum and academic work in Performance and Critical Studies.

Meet Performance Faculty

Careers of BFA Program Graduates

Naropa's Performance graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees, perform at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, become musical recording artists, professional actors, theater teachers, and founded theater companies.

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Naropa's Master of Fine Arts in Theater: Contemporary Performance provides a pathway for Performance graduates to complete their MFA training.