Study Abroad Through Dragons-Naropa: India

Course Descriptions: Naropa students may choose to do the program for 12-16 credits

ANT 250D Regional Seminar: Life Along the Ganges

This course provides students with an in-depth introduction to the cultures and traditions along the Ganges River, with a focus on Varanasi (Banaras). Each week, professors from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and local experts in their respective fields present lectures to students on such topics as the role of women in a Hindu & Muslim country, economic issues of the caste system, and environmental sustainability. Substantive readings and response papers are assigned weekly to give important historical context to these lectures. Then, utilizing the experiential learning potential of India's oldest-living city, students also visit important sites in and around Varanasi. Through these lectures, reading and writing assignments, discussions, and experiences, students gain an understanding of some of the traditions, religious practices, history, and contemporary lifestyles of the people who make the cities and villages along the Ganges River their home. In addition to these field studies and family stays, students meet with locals who conduct research, perform in the arts, or serve as religious and/or community leaders.

ANT 211D Contemplative Intercultural Development and Leadership

The process of understanding self in relation to others in our globalized world is essential in the 21st century.  The purpose of this course is to carefully examine who we are through the experience of living, learning and engaging in the region.  Through both guided and organic processes, students examine global citizenship, develop effective intercultural and interpersonal communication skills and explore the depths of their internal landscape in relationship to the outside world.  From this wellspring of inner knowing, students discover their own authentic leadership capabilities and strengths as a responsible and curious citizen of the globe.

ISP 345D Study Project

The Independent Study Project (ISP) offers each student the opportunity to conduct in-depth study on a subject of his or her choice. Students will be matched with two ISP Advisors; a program instructor who has experience and knowledge relevant to the student's ISP topic as well as a member of the local community with whom the student will study or apprentice. An ISP may involve either an academic focus of inquiry, or learning a skill which would require an apprenticeship.

Hindi Language - HIND 150, 250, 350

This course is designed to provide a foundation in conversational Hindi for students with no previous knowledge of the language. Language proficiency is an essential aspect of the program and daily language classes with a local instructor ensure that students are provided with the language skills needed to engage more deeply with the communities in which they are living and learning. With a principal focus on conversational Hindi and practical language skills, the language lessons presented throughout the semester also include grammar, vocabulary development, and the history of the language. Students also gain a basic understanding and utility of the Hindi script (Devanagari script). Students are tested regularly and a written and oral exam is required at mid-course and at the conclusion of the course.