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Traditional Eastern Arts // Bachelor of Arts

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The Traditional Eastern Arts bachelor of arts degree at Naropa University is centered on the integrative mind/body disciplines of Yoga, Aikido, and Tai Chi Chuan. These practices are rooted in the wisdom of the world's great practice traditions and serve to develop embodied awareness and cultivate well-being for oneself, others, and the world.

As a Traditional Eastern Arts major, you will not only delve deeply into the practice, history, philosophy and cultural underpinnings of your chosen discipline, but you will also study related practices, such as sitting meditation, Daoism, Indian Sacred Traditions, or Ikebana. By taking on a practice in such an intense intellectual, spiritual and physical way, you will acquire the kind of strength and discipline you will be able to apply to any area of your life.

Key Learning Outcomes

Traditional Eastern Arts courses will teach you the development and use of internal energy through discipline and practice. At the same time, the program will provide you the space and training for the integration of your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Contemplative Practice — gain deep experience in the contemplative practices of your choice
  • History, Theory, and Philosophy — study the classic books, traditions, and wisdom of your chosen concentration
  • Integration — apply these practices to everyday life
  • Teaching Skills — learn how to safely and effectively teach your chosen arts
  • Interactive Skills — learn to skillfully meet and harmonize with energy and force in the world, transforming those forces to create a new ground for deep and authentic interaction.

After Naropa

Graduates of the Traditional Eastern Arts program continue their unique paths after graduation. Some pursue graduate work in related fields. Others have gone on to teach in their area of concentration or used it in a service or therapeutic context, such as teaching yoga to struggling families in Nepal, directing health center programs, and acting as yoga therapists and wellness coaches. Graduates also bring their knowledge and experience to other bodywork disciplines, such as physical therapy and massage therapy. The skills they develop prepare them for work in leadership positions such as conflict resolution and peace studies.

What Makes us Different?

  • The only accredited university in North America offering an undergraduate practice-based degree that:
    • teaches Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, and Aikido;
    • integrates history, theory, and philosophy with deep experiential study; and
    • explores form and function.
  • Students also get training in other contemplative practices, such as sitting meditation, Ikebana, and devotional singing.
  • Small class sizes allow teachers to make personal connections with each student, and give individual, hands-on instruction tailored to each student’s needs.
  • Faculty members are passionate about their arts and are uniquely qualified as experts with decades of experience as practitioners and teachers.
  • Students in the yoga teacher training program are qualified to teach immediately upon graduation. Naropa University is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance.

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