Visual Arts

Visual Arts // Bachelor of Arts

Naropa University's Visual Arts Bachelor of Arts degree offers studio skills in both eastern and western modalities with a compelling ability to strengthen who students choose to be as artists. Students develop contemplative awareness in relation to their art as the ability to know their own mind and create their own unique body of art work as a result. Confidence combined with professional portfolio development, arts research, and business skills, open students to opportunities for their art and life in the world.

Naropa's contemplative education can be especially profound for the artist. By learning to witness internal and external realities and by developing the discipline of practice, students will come to better understand their inspirations, ways of seeing, and foster sophistication in their work.

Visual Arts Bachelor's Degree Highlights

  • Study art history from a global, multicultural perspective.
  • Develop your own unique body of proficient art work.
  • Learn how to be articulate about your art and life aspirations.
  • Create a portfolio along with digital documentation and a professional artist's statement for a Naropa gallery exhibition, as well as other applications such as graduate school or gallery submissions.

Minor: Naropa offers the options of obtaining a minor in Visual Arts or in Contemplative Art Therapy.

Duration: The Visual Arts degree program is 36-credit major offered in the context of Naropa's contemplative liberal arts core curriculum.

Careers of Visual Arts Program Graduates

Naropa's Visual Arts program provides excellent preparation for pursuing graduate study in art and art history while also providing students with practical skills they can translate into creative careers. Most of Naropa's Visual Arts graduates go on to become professional exhibiting artists, photographers, art teachers, arts administrators or designers.

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