Making a Difference

All over the world, Naropa alumni are tackling global challenges and making a positive difference. They are pursuing a wide range of careers, including:

  • Director, Lostwax Multimedia Dance Theater; Providence, RI
  • Program Manager, Microsoft; Redmond, WA
  • Attorney, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA
  • Outdoor Adventure Instructor; New Market, MD
  • Environmental Educator; Boulder, CO
  • Filmmaker / Educator, Helix Entertainment / Mary Pickford Institute; Los Angeles, CA
  • Artist / Graphic Designer, Antara Media Arts; Portland, OR
  • Dance/Movement Therapist; British Columbia, Canada
  • Founder, President, and Author, Common Current: Consultants for Sustainability and the Green Economy; San Anselmo, CA
  • Founder, SASANA: an institute for transpersonal psychology training and resources; Colombia
  • Author, Educator, and Spokesperson, National Eating Disorders Association; Auburn, AL
  • Executive Director, Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada; Las Vegas, NV
  • Clinical Director, West Slope Casa; Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Psychotherapist and Founder, Satir Institute of the Rockies; Boulder, CO