Core Curriculum

The core curriculum introduces students to the values, modes of inquiry, and essential skills of contemplative education at Naropa University. Grounded in Naropa's mission, core courses attempt to strike a living balance between scholarship, contemplative practice, artistic expression, and civic engagement. This multidimensional approach to teaching and learning is unique to Naropa, reflecting its singular goal to bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom.

Core Seminars

The Contemplative Learning Seminar introduces students to the concepts and practices of contemplative education, with an emphasis on its vision, purpose, history, and application to each student's academic career.

Through the Diversity Seminar, students awaken a greater understanding of self and others, to promote ethical behaviors and values that support a diverse world.

Through the two Writing Seminars, students practice the art of scholarly and expressive writing, reading, and research.

The Civic Engagement Seminar offers second-year students the opportunity to explore ways of integrating their first-year learning with service in the greater community.

Core Area Requirements and Sample Classes

Artistic Process: music, visual arts, writing, dance, and theater

  • ART 260, Calligraphy and Book Arts

Body-Mind Practice: yoga, t'ai-chi, contemplative dance

  • PFAR 245, Dance of Africa

Cultural and Historical Studies: diverse perspectives on human culture and history

  • PAX 415, Gender, Politics, and Social Change

Scientific Inquiry: introduction to science through Environmental Studies or Contemplative Psychology

  • ENV 220, Ecology and Systems Science

World Wisdom Traditions: major religious and indigenous spiritual traditions

  • REL 250, Spirituality and Creative Expression

After earning 30 semester credits, students may declare a major. Majors range from 24 to 60 credits (most are 36). Students must earn 120 credit hours to receive the BA or BFA degree from Naropa University. Minors are 12 credits and are optional.