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A Naropa University Education

Naropa University is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian liberal arts institution dedicated to advancing its mission of contemplative education. This approach to learning combines the best of Eastern and Western educational traditions, enabling students to integrate academic knowledge with self-knowledge through contemplative practice. The goal of this educational philosophy is to offer students a highly experiential and transformative learning path that brings both academic rigor and a spiritual component to the student's educational experience.

The curriculum blends rigorous academics, the arts, civic engagement, and traditional practices for training in awareness to help students cultivate an understanding of themselves, their field of study, and the world. Through disciplines such as sitting meditation, yoga, and t'ai-chi ch'uan, students develop mindfulness and awareness, and are trained to acknowledge the direct experience of learning, moment by moment.

Naropa University comprises a four-year undergraduate college and graduate programs in the arts, education, environmental leadership, psychology, and religious studies. The university offers BA and BFA degrees through its four-year undergraduate college, as well as MA, MDiv, and MFA degrees through its graduate school. Professional development courses are available through Naropa University Extended Studies.


Naropa University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.