Graduate Application Requirements

Regardless of which application method you choose, a completed application includes:

1. Completed application form. Using the online application is strongly encouraged.

2. $60 nonrefundable application fee.

3. Statement of interest (view the prompts here).

4. Current resumé detailing academic and employment history. MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Counseling Psychology applicants are required to submit an extended resumé (please see supplemental application information for the program below).

5. Two letters of recommendation: both must be on or attached to the form provided. You can download the letter of recommendation form here. These recommendations must not be older than twelve months, and may not be from family members, spouses, or current or former therapists (archival copies accepted if within these parameters). The letters must be in sealed envelopes, and must have the original signature of the recommendation writer. Scans, faxes, copies, emails, and opened letters cannot be accepted. If extenuating circumstances prevent the use of mail, please contact the Office of Admissions at .

6. We require an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution demonstrating the completion of a bachelor's degree. The transcript should be sent directly to Naropa University's Office of Admissions from the registrar of the bachelor's degree granting institution or in its original sealed envelope from the institution. If you received your bachelor's degree from a higher education institution outside of the United States, an international education evaluation is required.

7. GRE, Miller Analogy Tests, and other standardized test scores are completely optional, and applicants will not be penalized for not including scores.

8. Prerequisite coursework may be required. Unofficial Coursework Evaluation Worksheets are available to assist in tracking course completion.  We strongly suggest having all prerequisites completed by July 1 and require official transcripts to be submitted by August 1.  

9. Writing samples, auditions, portfolios, and proof of prior professional experience may be required by specific programs (as listed in #11). Please closely read the requirements and follow all instructions.

10. If a graduate applicant answered "Yes" to question #2 in the "Disciplinary History" section of the graduate application ("Have you ever been served with a restraining order, or a protection order, or been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime?") the applicant will need to mail in the Disciplinary Form to the Office of Admissions.

11. In addition to the standard graduate application requirements listed above, supplemental application materials and/or prerequisites are required by the following programs:

Keep track of your prerequisite coursework with the Unofficial Prerequisite Worksheets.  

Please Note: Applicants may not apply to more than one Naropa graduate program at a time. Programs cannot be combined into custom, interdisciplinary programs.

International Applicants: Additional admissions documents are required for international applicants, and for applicants who have studied outside of the U.S. Please carefully review these additional requirements for international applicants, and contact the Office of Admissions with any questions.

The Office of Admissions strongly recommends that applicants submit one envelope containing all of the elements of a complete application (including the letters or recommendation and the sealed official transcripts) by the priority deadline..

Applications will be reviewed once the Office of Admissions receives all of the aforementioned materials. For many programs, selected applicants are required to come to the university for an interview. If international applicants are invited for an in-person interview, they are strongly urged to come to campus; however, a telephone interview may occasionally be substituted. If candidates are unable to make the in-person interview due to an extreme situation, they will discuss alternative options with the interview committee once they have been invited to the interview.