MA Contemplative Counseling Psychology

In addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements, the following is required to apply for Fall 2015 admittance to the MA Contemplative Counseling Psychology program:

Statement of Interest Essay

All of Naropa University's counseling psychology programs offer skills training and counseling career preparation, diversity work, contemplative practice, community engagement, and deep personal reflection.

Given this, in a three-to-five page, typed, and double-spaced essay, please respond to the following:

How are you prepared to participate in this distinctive community, and how would your life and educational goals be reached by attending the MA Contemplative Counseling Psychology program?  Using specific examples from your life experience, please describe your inspiration, intention, and commitment to studying psychotherapy in the MA Contemplative Counseling Psychology program.  Describe your vision of how your education will allow you to be of service in the world.

Please be sure to include:

  • Your experience with working in service to others, as a professional or volunteer, in a mental health or comparable setting and what you have learned about yourself in the process.
  • How you have engaged in working with your own personal process and how these experiences have prepared you for completing the program to which you are applying.
  • Your experience with sitting meditation and/or body/mind awareness disciplines.
  • Briefly research the following two terms online, or using some other method, and then describe your own personal experience of them in relationships with others:  privilege (i.e., social inequality) and levels of oppression in society.  Include your own ideas about how an understanding of these concepts is important for a counselor in working with clients.

Admissions Interview

Due to number of applications received each year, it may not be possible to schedule an interview for every candidate. The Office of Admissions will assess a candidate's completed application to determine if the candidate will move forward in the process and be invited to an interview.  On-campus interviews are a required part of the admissions process; you will be asked to indicate your preference of interview date within the application.  Please note that this is a preference and not a guarantee that you will receive an interview invitation or that your interview will occur on the selected date.

The dates for the 2015 interviews are as follows:

  • Friday, February 13th
  • Friday, March 13th
  • Friday, April 24th


We recommend that our applicants have considerable readiness and strong motivation for working with others.

Some prior work experience in a clinical setting, either paid or volunteer, is strongly recommended. First-year students who do not have such experience will be encouraged to perform four hours per week of volunteer work in a mental health agency during the fall and spring semesters in preparation for the program's required internship.

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