Get Involved

One of the biggest measures of a university’s well-being is the personal and social success of its graduates. Naropa University is unique in its commitment to providing students with educational experiences that engender compassion for self and others, while cultivating the capacity for genuine engagement with a diverse and complex world. We are proud of the fact that our alumni are among the most innovative and active people involved in making the world a better place.

Ideally, the relationship between a university and its alumni is a symbiotic one, where each party benefits from the success of the other. Naropa can only continue to provide a quality contemplative education to successive generations of students if our alumni remain connected with the university.

This connection can take many forms, such as volunteering on the Naropa campuses or at university events; providing mentorship for current students; or making a financial contribution to the institution. All of these activities are meaningful and needed.

Another form this symbiosis can take is increasing the worth of a Naropa University degree. Alumni who participate and reinvest in Naropa in whatever way they can not only help the university directly, but in doing so also improve the university’s standing with various organizations to whom we apply for grant funding. One major use of these funds is to support scholarships for our current students in need of resources. These students then go on to graduate and become alumni themselves, and thus the cycle continues.

Please consider your role in this cycle, and know that your participation in any way is appreciated and has a meaningful impact, and will in turn serve to increase the value of a Naropa degree in the world.