ASK: Alumni Sharing Knowledge

Alumni Relations and Career and Community Engagement launched ASKAlumni Sharing Knowledge in Spring 2014. Our goal is to provide free webinars facilitated by Naropa University alumni for the Naropa community. This is an opportunity to share the powerful expertise in the alumni community with Naropa alumni, students, staff, faculty and guests, online so anyone can access from anywhere! These 60 minute webinars are focused on professional and personal development, for the Naropa community, from alumni.

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Summer 2015: Health & Healing

Heidi Carter"Vocal Wisdom" with Heidi Carter, MA '01 
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 12 pm MT

This webinar presents a holistic picture of how the human voice ages and how vocal aging tends to effect changes in listening, posture, breathing, articulation and communication. The instructor, Heidi Carter, asks: What does a healthy voice look like? What does an aging voice look like? And, what can you do to keep your voice resonant, strong and healthy as it matures?

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Brendan Klosterman"Reinvent Your Healthcare with Essential Oils" with Brendan Klosterman, BA '06 
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 12 pm MT

This webinar will empower you to be able to support you and your family's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness through safe, effective, and inexpensive essential oils that have no side effects or addictive qualities like many drugs.  

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Teana David"An Introduction to Herbal Medicine" with Teana David, MFA '09 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 12 pm MT

Herbal medicine is people's medicine! In this fascinating hour, you will learn how to nourish yourself and your community using the plants that grow around you, many of which are considered weeds! We'll cover the basics of herbal medicine in the Wise Woman Tradition including how to make Nourishing Herbal Infusions, vinegars, tinctures, and oils. These fun and simple recipes will keep you and your family vibrant and strong, while enhancing your connection to the natural world. 

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Fall 2015: Community Organizing and Social Justice

"Eco-Chaplaincy: Support for the Great Turning" with Sarah Vekasi, MA '08
Webinar date and time coming soon!

"Grassroots Community Organizing in Rural Western CO" with Rachel Zatterstrom, MA ‘12
Webinar date and time coming soon!

"Social Media" with Martine McDonald, BA ‘09
Webinar date and time coming soon!

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities. Contact Melissa Holland at 303-546-3597 or to inquire about accessibility and disability accommodations needed to participate fully in these events.

Previous Events

Spring 2015: Know Thy Self

Lisa Dion"Beyond the 'shoulds': the Journey to the Authentic Self" with Lisa Dion, MA '03 

Most of us battle the “should’s” in our heads, trying to conform our lives to the fantasies about who we think we “should” be. Tune into this webinar to open your mind to a new paradigm regarding human behavior and a deeper understanding of why you do the things you do.


Linda Faucheux"Understanding Our Character Strengths and Virtues" with Linda Faucheux, MA '94


This webinar explores who you are at your core and what that has to say about your personal and professional signature strengths and greatest potential.


Elan BenAmi

"An Introduction to The Enneagram" with Elan BenAmi, MA '13

In this webinar, alum Elan BenAmi, MA ’13, presents on how and why the Enneagram can be a useful tool in personal, interpersonal, and spiritual development.


Fall 2014

Seth Lapore

"Getting to Know the Roadmap of Being a Performing Artist" presented by Seth Lepore, BA '97

This webinar explores what it takes to juggle the life of an independent performer, and how the skills of performance can transfer to the administrative side of the business. 


Brian O'Connor

"Four Parts of an Emotional State" presented by Brian O'Connor, BA '77, MA '79. 

In this webinar, Alum Brian O'Connor discusses how emotional energy consists of four parts: thoughts, physical experience, breath, and emotional behavior; and what intervention looks like from the perspective of each part.


Lisa Dion

"Understanding Children's Moods & Behaviors: A Neurobiological Perspective" presented by Lisa Dion, MA '03 

With new information on the brain and neurobiology, we are beginning to understand that working with children and understanding children takes a lot more than behavior management. This webinar explores what is really going on when a child is displaying signs of anxiety, depression, aggression, shutting down emotionally, hitting, etc.


Summer 2014

David Rasch, Naropa Alum

"Overcoming Writing Blocks and Procrastination" presented by David Rasch, MA '78.

This webinar examines several commonly experienced writing productivity problems and presents a number of strategies for addressing them.


Kevin Mays

"Enlightened Leadership" presented by Kevin Mays, MA '95.

In this webinar you will learn the three keys to harness your unique leadership gifts and make the world a better place.


Anne McCauley

"The Architecture of Our Interior Lives: Accessing Unconscious Material Through Exploring Home" presented by Anne McCauley, MA '07. 

In this webinar, we explore how unconscious patterns show up in the home as expressions of our histories, projections, hopes, and conflicts.


Spring 2014

Jonathan Bender, Naropa Alum

"Creating A Thriving Practice: The 7 Keys to Creating a Sustainable Income with Clients You Love" presented by Jonathan Bender, MFA '06. 

Explore the 7 keys through practical, heart-based inquiries that will help to establish a great practice, and also will help you identify what step you need to take next.


Kim Carroll, Naropa Alumni

"Teach. Travel. Transform: Teaching Overseas" presented by Kim Carroll, BA '98. 

In this webinar, Kim Carroll, founder of the English for Life Academy, sets the scene for what you can experience when teaching overseas.

Handouts associated with the webinar:

Resources for Teaching English Overseas
How to Choose a TESOL Program


Jessica Hageman, Naropa Alum

"New Grads: How to Make Ends Meet until the Big $" presented by Jessica Hagemann, MFA '12. 

You've just graduated with a university degree. You're smart, well-qualified, and eager to put your hard-earned skills to the test. Now what?