Past Tech Talks

Twitter - How to Tweet with the Best of Them

Naropa staff member Matt Peterson shares the basics of Twitter.


Excel - So Much More Than SUMS

Naropa staff member Amy Soehngen shares with us concrete Excel skills that build freedom in your schedule such as conditional formatting, count/countif formulas, etc. Go beyond the simple SUMS feature and discover what you can do with Excel!


Outlook - The Ins and Outs

Naropa staff member Dave Edminster explores the basic features of Outlook, a powerful calendaring tool.


Blogging - Sharing Your Story

Naropa alumna Kristin Wegner looks at blogging tools and "Best Practices," including ways to engage community participation in online platforms. These tools can be used by non-profits, educators, healers, storytellers, and entrepreneurs to share their stories.


Writing for the Web

Naropa alumna and staff member Lisa Trank examines strategies for creating eye-popping, action-packed digital content.


Prezi - PowerPoint's Cooler, Younger Sibling

Naropa staff member Jessica Rooney presents Prezi, which is a motion-based, illustrative presentation software that provides users with the ability to easily create presentations that are engaging, design-oriented, and extremely versatile. Jessica shares how to make effective presentations, while also discussing the best practices to keep your audience from becoming motion sick :).


Podcasting 101

Naropa alumnus John March provides a quick orientation to the essentials of podcasting production and covers content production, essential tools, a few recommendations, RSS code and iTunes and Wordpress as well as the importance of production values and good content.