Past Tech Talks

Twitter - How to Tweet with the Best of Them

Naropa staff member Matt Peterson shares the basics of Twitter.


Excel - So Much More Than SUMS

Naropa staff member Amy Soehngen shares with us concrete Excel skills that build freedom in your schedule such as conditional formatting, count/countif formulas, etc. Go beyond the simple SUMS feature and discover what you can do with Excel!


Outlook - The Ins and Outs

Naropa staff member Dave Edminster explores the basic features of Outlook, a powerful calendaring tool.


Blogging - Sharing Your Story

Naropa alumna Kristin Wegner looks at blogging tools and "Best Practices," including ways to engage community participation in online platforms. These tools can be used by nonprofits, educators, healers, storytellers, and entrepreneurs to share their stories.


Writing for the Web

Naropa alumna and staff member Lisa Trank examines strategies for creating eye-popping, action-packed digital content.


Prezi - PowerPoint's Cooler, Younger Sibling

Naropa staff member Jessica Rooney presents Prezi, which is a motion-based, illustrative presentation software that provides users with the ability to easily create presentations that are engaging, design-oriented, and extremely versatile. Jessica shares how to make effective presentations, while also discussing the best practices to keep your audience from becoming motion sick :).


Podcasting 101

Naropa alumnus John March provides a quick orientation to the essentials of podcasting production and covers content production, essential tools, a few recommendations, RSS code and iTunes and Wordpress as well as the importance of production values and good content.