Contemplative Education: A better way of learning

A Better Way of Learning

"From a mindful perspective, one’s response to a particular situation is not an attempt to make the best choice from among available options, but to create options." —Ellen J. Langer, The Power of Mindful Learning

Contemplative education at Naropa was born of a desire to transform education in America. Bridging traditional western academic training with the four-decade, ever widening interest in mindfulness and contemplative learning, the Naropa curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students to engage courageously with a complex and challenging world. You will not only achieve competency and expertise in your chosen field, but also gain clarity and self-awareness, feel connected to your community and yourself, and, crucially, hone your capacity for innovation and creativity.

Contemplative education not only asks you to challenge yourself academically, but also asks you to challenge yourself as a human being. We ask you to creatively engage in community through our small class sizes, field work, meditation intensives, and community events.

We also ask you to commit to becoming self-aware, willing to ask yourself difficult questions and to open to your inherent wisdom. We ask you to focus your thinking and consider your own strengths, weaknesses, goals, and misconceptions. Like any learning experience, it is not always comfortable or easy, but the rewards are immense and, truth be told, we do not become full human beings without encountering such challenges.

As a Naropa student, you will gain more from your college or graduate school experience than students at other universities because you will grow personally while you learn academically. This means you can apply your academic work more readily to your life. You will have an enhanced perspective on yourself, both as an individual and as a member of society. You will leave Naropa better prepared to contribute to your workplace, family, or community, big or small.