Undergraduate Employment

Federal College Work-Study

Federal College Work-Study is a federally funded program that is awarded as part of a need-based financial aid package. Eligible students can work from five to twenty hours per week within the university at a pay scale ranging from $8 to $10/hour, subject to taxation.

Students receive a monthly paycheck for the hours worked each month; funds are not applied to a student's tuition bill. Although there is a large work-study program for the university, employment is not guaranteed for every student.

If you would like to utilize your work study award and have not begun work by September 20th for the fall semester, or February 20th for the spring semester, please contact the financial aid office. Click here for current work study positions.

Community-Based Work-Study

Get paid to volunteer in the local community!

Students who are awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package may work on or off campus. Naropa University employs a small percentage of students at select non-profit organizations in Boulder, Longmont, and Lafayette. The university is enrolling students in the fall for four programs listed below. In order to qualify for the community work-study program, students must be eligible for work-study and be American citizens or permanent residents. As a work-study employee of Naropa, students will volunteer at one of the organizations listed below (students can only work at one community site). There are a limited number of positions available. Enrollment is done in the fall semester only, and the contract is for two full semesters, fall through spring semester, approximately nine months. The hourly wage is $8.00 per hour, and students can work up to ten hours a week. Community work-study students are paid once a month.

Available Sites

To apply for a community work-study position, contact:

Financial Aid Office
Student Administrative Services Department
Administration Building
Arapahoe Campus


Work-Study Handbook

Please review the Work-Study Handbook for information regarding work-study as a form of employment with Naropa University.