Private Loans

Naropa University awards educational loans primarily from the federal student loan programs (Stafford, PLUS and Perkins). Some lenders advertise private loans that “mimic" the federal student loan programs but which differ in important ways: the interest rates are variable and have no ceiling, the loans are credit based, the lender may charge high fees, and private loans result in an additional monthly student loan payment for the student because they cannot be included in a federal Consolidation loan after the student finishes college.

Naropa University requires an extensive review of the student's financial situation before possibly including a private loan in the student's financial aid package. Naropa University reserves the right to refuse certification of a private student loan even though a lender may have approved the student for a private loan. Aid from all sources cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance. Please send an email to with the words "Private Loan" in the subject line if you would like to start the process of requesting consideration of a private loan to be included in your financial aid package.

Truth-in-Lending-Act Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification