Monastic Scholarship

The Monastic Scholarship is awarded to a graduate student who is ordained as a monk or nun of any religious order. A maximum of $25,000 is awarded to cover tuition and fees for the academic year.  Typically, a single student holds the scholarship until that student graduates, at which point, the scholarship is awarded to someone else. If more than one student is selected for the award in the same academic year, the maximum award ($25,000) will be disbursed among the selected recipients; award amounts will be based on each student’s registered credit hours. 

No living expenses will be covered so all applicants must have a means to cover those expenses. The scholarship is renewable, but subject to review of English language skills and GPA. Graduates students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to retain academic eligibility for this award.

Part of the application process asks you to describe the nature of your monastic commitments or vows and the duration of your monastic commitment. Preference is given to applicants who have chosen monasticism as a lifelong path and whose commitments or vows include restrictions on financial income (i.e. vows of poverty or the like.) Please contact the Naropa’s School of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies for more information.

Download the Monastic Scholarship Application