Marvin I. Naiman Scholarship

The Marvin I. Naiman Scholarship will be awarded by the Office of Financial Aid at Naropa University on an annual basis to an undergraduate student of non-traditional age (23 and over) with demonstrated financial need.  When possible, strong preference will be given to the individual who most exemplifies Marvin's pursuit of self knowledge, personal and intellectual discovery, and generosity of spirit.  Marvin brought with him unflagging curiosity and a bright, even twinkling spirit.  It is the intention of this scholarship to continue to invite and retain energy of this nature at Naropa University.

Marvin was very concerned about the difficult burden carried by single parents--particularly single mothers.  He also held a passion for living in community.  When possible, the University will consider students with these characteristics for the scholarship as well. 

Students should submit an essay (one or two pages) addressing the above qualities.