Disenrollment Information

Please be aware that if you have not paid your tuition balance by the due date of August 20, 2012, you will be disenrolled from all of your Fall 2012 courses.

What is disenrollment?
Disenrollment means that you are dropped from all of your classes for the current semester.

When is my balance considered paid?
There are several ways your balance can be paid. You must fall into one of the following categories by August 20, 2012:

  • We have received payment for your entire balance, either actual (for returning students) or estimated (for new students), as indicated on your bill.
  • We have received your completed payment plan paperwork as well as your first payment as indicated on your payment plan form.
  • We have received your completed financial aid paperwork, your loans are guaranteed, and your aid will cover your tuition in full.  If your aid does not pay your balance in full, you will need to have paid your portion that is not covered by your aid.   

Will my financial aid cover my bill?
If you are a returning student, please refer to your Student Data Sheet or to your estimated bill on the web. The amount of aid that you have accepted and completed paperwork for is indicated in the ‘Accepted Aid’ section. If you still have a balance, this will be indicated in the ‘Computed Balance’ section. If the number here is positive, this is the amount you owe us. If the number here is negative, this is the amount that you will receive back from your financial aid. In order to ensure that your aid will be applied to your bill, you must be registered for at least the number of credits indicated on your eligibility letter.

If you are waitlisted for a course, this does not count as being registered for it.
You must also complete an entrance interview online if this is your first time receiving loans at Naropa. More information on this can be found in your financial aid packet. You are not eligible for aid if you are on financial suspension. If you are taking courses through consortium agreement with another school, check with the financial aid office at 303-546-3509 or finaid@naropa.edu to see if this will affect your aid packet.

How will I know if I have been disenrolled?
If you are disenrolled, you will receive an email to your Naropa student email account. You will not necessarily receive an individual warning prior to being disenrolled.

Can I get back into classes if I am disenrolled?
You can re-add classes if you pre-pay for the number of credits you plan to add. Any course can be re-added until the last day of add/drop for that course. For Fall 2012 courses on a regular schedule, the last day to add is September 6, 2012. You do, however, run the risk of not being able to re-add every class in which you were previously enrolled. Some classes have a waitlist and will fill up immediately after you are disenrolled.

Special Note:
Regardless of your payment status, you and you alone are responsible for your courses. If you have not been disenrolled but do not intend to attend your courses, you are responsible for dropping each course by the add/drop date for that course. If you do not drop your courses, you risk being charged for the courses and assigned grades of ‘F.’