Recent Faculty Publications and Talks

Naropa University faculty are respected for their research and scholarly output, including authoring academic journal articles and books, giving performances and exhibits, and speaking at symposia and conferences. View recently published books, faculty papers, and talks below.

Written Works

Art and Art Therapy

Dharma Art as a Way of Being
Marlow Brooks 
Article in Buddhist Door 

The Way Through
Marlow Brooks
Book of Poetry & Art with 55 paintings
Turtle Press

Always Remember...Never Forget
Blog Post
Sue Wallingford

Contemplative and Religious Studies

Creating Enlightened Society: Compassion in the Shambhala Tradition
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD
The Arrow: A Journal of Wakeful Society, Culture and Politics, December 2014

Dialogue and Discernment in Tibetan Buddhism: A Contemporary Unbiased (Ri-me) Tradition 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD

Inner to Outer: The Development of Contemplative Pedagogy
Richard C. Brown

Leading for Change, Dialogue for Openness: Feminine Principle Teachings for Leaders 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD
Inner Peace—Global Impact: Tibetan Buddhism, Leadership, and Work, 2012, pp. 47–66.

The Liberty That Nobody Can Touch: Merton Meets Tibetan Buddhism 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD

"Listening Dangerously”: Dialogue Training as Contemplative Pedagogy
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD
Buddhist-Christian Studies, 33, 2013, pp. 33–40.

The Prospects for a Bhiksuni Sangha in Tibetan Buddhism 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD

The Question is the Answer: Naropa University's Contemplative Pedagogy 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD

Remedying Globalization and Consumerism: Joining the Inner and Outer Journeys in "Perfect Balance" 
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD
"The Crisis of Consumerism?" Mindfulness in the Marketplace. Edited by Allan Badiner, Parallax Press, 2002.

Rita Gross's Contribution to Contemporary Western Tibetan Buddhism
Judith Simmer-Brown, PhD
Buddhist-Christian Studies 31, 2011, pp. 69–74.

Taming Emotion: Tibetan Meditation in Teacher Education
Richard C. Brown

The Teacher As Contemplative Observer
Richard C. Brown

Somatic Counseling

Mindfulness Bodyfulness: A New Paradigm
Christine Caldwell, Ph.D., BC-DMT, NCC, ACS
The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, Issue I, 2014, Pages 77-96

Turning data into dance: Performing and presenting research on oppression and the body
Owen Paul Karcher, MA, Christine Caldwell, PhD, BC-DMT, NCC, ACS
The Arts in Psychotherapy
Volume 41, Issue 5, November 2014, Pages 478–483

Environmental Leadership and Environmental Studies

Walking Between Worlds: Holding Multiple Worldviews as a Key for Ecological Transformation
Jeanine M. Canty
International Journal of Transpersonal Studies
33(1), 2014, pp. 15-26


Diane Israel on KGNU
Listen as Diane Israel speaks with Carmen Cool and KGNU host Lize Britten about eating disorders and body image.