Adjunct Faculty


Dance/Movement Therapy
Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology


Jackie Ashley is a body-based psychotherapist, a registered Dance Movement Therapist and also holds a Level 1 certification in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Her work is based on the Windhorse Model of treatment, which emphasizes the healing powers of community and contemplative practices. She has worked extensively with those suffering from chronic and persistent mental challenges, as well as acute psychosis, throughout the life span. She has also worked with autism, closed head injury, personality disorders, trauma and depression. She is interested in the integrations of the arts, the environment and community in the healing process and in the training of those who hope to be of service to others. Through the use of movement, body awareness, contemplative practices and the creative process she helps her clients and students to further integrate their emotional and physical experience. She is adjunct faculty in the MA Somatic Counseling and BA Contemplative Psychology departments at Naropa University. She is a student of the late Ven. Tulku Urgen Rinpoche and now studies with his son Ven. Tsogni Rinpoche in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.