Judith A.

Judith A.
jsb@naropa.edu | 303-546-3502

Distinguished Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies
Core Faculty


BA in Religious Studies
Contemplative Religions
Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
Master of Divinity


Ph.D. Buddhism, Walden University
MA Religious Studies, Florida State University
BA Religion and History, Cornell College

Areas of Specialization:

  • Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
  • American Buddhism
  • Women in Buddhism
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Contemplative Education

Judith teaches in Naropa’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Her courses cover history, texts, philosophy and practice of South and Central Asian Buddhism, religious studies; Buddhist theology, engaged Buddhism, and interreligious dialogue. Her graduate seminars emphasize the Indian roots of Buddhism through the study of primary texts in translation as well as the cultural and historical context of India and its transmission of Buddhism to Tibet. Judith also teaches the first-year undergraduates in the Contemplative Learning Seminar to introduce Naropa's unique approach to contemplative learning across the disciplines.

Another course she teaches is a Gateway Seminar for the Religious Studies undergraduate major, introducing a study of 20th century saints in world religions, focusing on the question of how saints are shaped by their traditions and by contemporary culture. Her interreligious dialogue course includes graduates and undergraduates and introduces the theory and practice of dialogue, including ongoing dialogue with a religious other.

Publications and Lectures